This page explains some of the basic rules and regulations of the Club and IOPD.







Any rider with a query about race positions/points must

 complete a report form and hand to a Race Official. The

 matter will then be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as

 possible. Under no circumstances should any query be

 submitted to anyone other than a Race official. Approaches

 to Signing On staff or Lapscorers will not be accepted.





1. Riders must wear approved helmets, at least to silver stamp standard. Helmets must not be more than three years old. Helmets must be in good condition with a securely fixed strap. Non fibreglass helmets must not be sprayed. Fibreglass helmets should be checked thoroughly for any sign of crash damage.

2. Riders must wear properly constructed nylon or leather racing jeans, with flame resistant linings. Hips and knees should be protected with fixed or removable padding.

3. Racing shirts should be of strong, tear resistant material.

4. Gloves should be of leather or similar protective quality material.

5. Calf length leather, or equivalent strength material, boots must be worn.

6. Goggles and other extra protective clothing, as well as the aforementioned mandatory protective equipment, may be worn but it must be of good quality.

7. Children under the age of 16 must wear neck protectors to solve health and safety issues.

8. All equipment must be in good condition.




1. Riders will be expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Racing is a competitive business but no deliberate foul riding will be tolerated, e.g. attempts to kick opposition, deliberately knocking a rider off, brake checking etc.


2. Riders will be expected to behave respectfully to all officials acting in any capacity at the meeting.

3. Minor offences - in proven cases the offender can be punished by the clubs concerned, with race or meeting disqualification at their discretion. The panel for minor offences will consist of the Clerk of the Course and the two club stewards. Serious offences will be judged by an independent panel of three persons at an adjudicated date. Where the case is proven, offenders face punishments of suspension and/or fines.

4. Fighting will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Instant dismissal from the meeting and/or report to IOP at the club`s discretion is available.

5. Riders are responsible for the behaviour of all accompanying personnel, adult or child. Bad behaviour will be treated in exactly the same manner whether committed by the rider or entourage.

6. Riders must not go on to the track without the correct numbers on their machine.

7. Riders must complete two laps practice prior to competing in a race.

8. Riders may visit restricted areas to inspect the track but may not stay to watch racing in these areas.




1. All machines must be equipped with a silencer to the required standard of 96 decibels maximum. Four strokes must have standard silencers, FMF Q or DEP Eco-pipe type. For 2007 all four strokes must have Enduro silencers of 94 decibels maximum.

2. Ball end handlebar levers must be in good condition.

3. Footrests must be round ended and folding.

4. All bearings must be in good condition.

5. No play in either forks or rear suspension.

6. Spokes should be tight.

7. Tyres must not be ripped or canvas showing.

8. There must be no unprotected metalwork beyond the rear mudguard.

9. Silencers must not protrude beyond the rear mudguard.

10. Brakes must work efficiently.

11. Throttle must be self returning.





1.  The Clerk of the Course and the Starter have red flags for stopping a race prematurely, for whatever reason.

2. A race that has done more than half distance when stopped will be deemed completed.

3. A race less than half distance can be re-run or considered as a result at the discretion of the club.

4. Protests must be registered with the Secretary of the Meeting within 30 minutes of the race finishing to be valid.

5. Overall meeting results must be protested within 24 hours of the publication of results to be valid.

6. Protest fees are: Race protest - £25, Meeting protest - £25. They are returnable if successful, forfeit if invalid.

7. Every rider must sign on the signing on sheet after walking the track and before going out for practice.

8. Competitors must inspect the course before signing on. They will be expected to sign that they are satisfied with the course and its safety aspect.

9. Competitors will be expected to behave in a responsible manner both to the organisers and their fellow competitors. A Clerk of the Course has the authority to send home any person not behaving in the required way whether competitor or otherwise.



10. All spectators must remain in the designated spectator areas and must

not enter any Prohibited Areas. Anyone entering the track area must be

signed on and must wear a Hi Viz Jacket.








Yellow Motionless -  Danger, take care. Ride with caution.


Yellow Waved -  Great Danger, prepare to stop, no overtaking or Jumping.

A significant reduction in speed must be seen,


Red - All Riders must stop. Riders must not     pass any red flag unless authorised or directed to do so and  then proceed at a slow pace.


                           Black - That rider to stop racing immediately and                           

                                                leave the track.






Adult Section


1. Riders may compete in this section provided they are 14 years of age or older, there is no upper age limit.

2. Any rider under the age of 18 must have the approval of their parent/guardian on both their entry form and/or the `signing on` sheet for the race meeting.


Youth Section


1. Riders must be between the ages of 6 to 16 years of age to compete in the Youth division for motocross and motor cycle disciplines.

2. The following categories are the age limits, but can be waivered at the clubs discretion:

Automatics (air & water cooled) 6 - 8 years old

65cc Juniors 7 - 10 years old

85cc small wheel 9 - 12 years old

105cc big wheel 12 - 14 years old

150cc 4stroke big wheel 12 - 15 years old


A child may race in the appropriate class until the end of the race season provided their date of birth falls on or after 1 January during the season.

Youth riders are able to enter adult novice/junior classes after the age of 16 or stay in the youth section until the end of the year.

Any rider under the age of 18 must have the approval of their parent/guardian on both their entry form and on the `signing on` sheet for the race meeting.




 All vehicles must be parked with a reasonable distance between

vehicles. Drivers must ensure that all entrance and exits and

thoroughfares are kept clear AT ALL TIMES for Emergency vehicles.


 All riders vehicles should carry a 2kg Fire Extinguisher.


There will be Fire Points at all meetings, located at Signing On, at the

rear of the Start Gate and also at the P.A. van.